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    Thursday, March 8, 2018   /   by Taylor Dixon

    Home Buyers Guide

    Home Buyers Guide 
      Introduction to the Sales Team 


    Tim Houk - Tiffany Lear St. Pierre - Kevin Barron

    Russ Vegas - Byron Carman - Harrison Rainwater

    Introduction to the Admin Team

    Cherie Mack - Kristine Barron

    The Home-Buying Process

    The Mortgage and Loan Process

    Funding Your Home Purchase

    1. Financial pre-qualification or pre-approval
    Application and interview
    Buyer provides pertinent documentation, including verification of employment
    Credit report is requested
    Appraisal scheduled for current home owned, if any

    2. Underwriting
    Loan package is submitted to underwriter for approval

    3. Loan approval
    Parties are notified of approval
    Loan documents are completed and sent to title

    4. Title company
    Title exam, insurance and title survey conducted
    Borrowers come in for final signatures

    5. Funding
    Lender reviews the loan package
    Funds are tra ...

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    Friday, November 10, 2017   /   by Tim Houk

    5 Warehouse Space Ideas for Small Businesses

    Office/ Warehouse space in excellent condition and ready to sell! Timing is everything and if opening your own business ever crossed your mind, then NOW is your time! This warehouse space is right off of Hwy 44 and includes a reception area with 4 private offices and an additional room, 2 restrooms, a conference room and a kitchen. Don't miss this opportunity to start YOUR business adventure! 


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    Friday, November 10, 2017   /   by Tim Houk


    You’ve heard it from real estate agents before. “The Winter season is slow.” Or, “No one is really buying or selling.” And even, “I’ll get started in the New Year, it’s a new start right?”
    Wrong. The truth is, it’s better to be ahead than behind. Do you want to be moved by January? The winter months are the perfect opportunity for you to find the motivated buyers.

    Of course, sellers sometimes need a little perspective to help them understand why listing now can benefit their bottom line. So without further adieu, here are 11 reasons why you should list during the Holiday Season.

    By selling now, you may have an opportunity to be a non-contingent buyer during the Spring, when many more houses are on the market for less money! This will allow you to sell high and buy low.
    You can sell now for more money and we will provide for a delayed closing or extended occupancy until early next year.
    Even though your house will ...

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    Monday, November 6, 2017   /   by Tim Houk

    How to Sell Your Home with Pets

    Selling your home with pets can be challenging. While our furry family members are really important to us, additional steps are often necessary to get your home ready to list on the market. We’ve compiled the best tips to make preparing your home a bit easier!
    Start by cleaning up the exterior
    Ensure that you are picking up after your pet if they use your backyard as their bathroom. Fill any holes and replace any damaged landscaping. Having your home in tip-top shape on the exterior will ensure that you make the best first impression on potential buyers.
    Make interior repairsStart by assessing the flooring. Not all pets damage the carpet and wood flooring, but it’s definitely the best place to start. Other items to check for damage are cabinets, baseboards, window screens and furniture. Repairing these items ahead of time will ensure that you are presenting a home that is move in ready!
    Put away your pet’s belongingsDe-cluttering is the best way to get ...

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    Thursday, November 2, 2017   /   by Tim Houk

    Our Listing Reveal

    Well the day is finally here!! It's time to showcase the BIG reveal of our newest listing!

    Let's start from the beginning: Laurie is one of The Houk Group's super loyal clients. We started working with Laurie back in 2012 when she first sold her home with Tim Houk, CEO of The Houk Group. Tim stayed in touch with both Laurie and the new home owner over the years. As a result, Tim received a phone call back from the woman who purchased the house. Her husband accepted a job in New York and they needed to move. Of course, we were honored to get the opportunity to sell this home again! 

    With Tim's ability to make deals happen by always building relationships with his sphere and his past clients, he was able to think outside the box to sell this one. While getting this house ready to hit the market, he had the bright idea to call the previous owner to let her know about his newest listing; her old home. She was curious about some of the changes they've made and Tim was ...

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